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Wedding Planners in Greenville, SC

You are now engaged!

Congratulations, you are engaged! Yay, you have the perfect ring, and it is time to pay attention to all those beautiful photos that keep popping up on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. You are browsing for all elements wedding when you get up, at work, and discuss your perfect wedding day with your fiancée while cooking dinner, during dinner, and while watching TV!


Your Mission

It is now established; you are planning the wedding of the century and you are currently on a mission. You have spent hours and weeks looking at the perfect wedding photos for wedding inspiration. You know what you want! But it becomes clear immediately – this is going to be time-consuming and very expensive. Then it becomes even more evident after that this is going to be a stressful experience. You may be okay so far but wait until you start searching for the best vendors and deciding on all the details from flowers to your music selections.

Let's Start From the Beginning

You are probably a very organized couple. You have envisioned your wedding day and the budget you are willing to spend. Nevertheless, it is your first time organizing a full wedding, developing a wedding design, and coordinating a wedding day schedule. Your time is valuable; you deserve to have fun on this thrilling journey and to be taken care of on your big day.

Decisions, Decisions!

When deciding on a florist, photographer, DJ or band, caterer, you have all your family and friends offering you suggestions. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it just makes you even more stressed.


We have worked with a great group of vendors over the years in every category and every price range. We know their quality of work and have seen first-hand their professionalism level. Having our referrals and attending vendor meetings with you ensures your wishes are being understood and satisfied.

Managing the Day

You don't want to spend your special time managing all the day's events on your wedding day! That's no fun. You want to enjoy your day with your girls and guys before, during and after the wedding. Guess what? You don't have to; we will! We will manage all wedding events such as decorations, catering, entertainment, guests, wedding party, vendor set up, and anything else that takes place on the wedding day.


We will be responsible for coordinating the sequence of the wedding day. We will contact all the vendors to confirm your wedding details and obtain their schedule for the day.

Expect the Unexpected!

There are many "moving parts" on a wedding day, so something unexpected will more than likely happen. Even, if it is small, you don't want to stop getting your makeup and hair done to straighten things out.

We will be there proactively handling any issues that arise and troubleshoot any predicaments on your wedding day. And, the best part you will not even know anything is happening.

The Bottom Line

As you see, a professional wedding planner already works with reputable vendors and has worked with them for a while. We are experienced in developing and managing a wedding day schedule, so your day goes off smoothly. And we are proficient in monitoring and adjusting on the wedding day without disturbing you or your friends and family. 

We do our job for the love of weddings and to see our couples relaxed during the wedding planning adventure, and super happy on the big day. 

So, if we can save 260 hours of work, and alleviate stress from your life, why wouldn't you have us onboard?

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