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Choosing Wedding Music

You are wondering how to choose wedding music? While thinking about flowers, cakes, dresses, vows, and more, your ceremony music is but an added aspect of your wedding to decide. Music sets a mood, awakens emotions, and bestows a message with your guests. Selecting the correct songs is vital, as is making sure they're a good fit for the ceremony you have intended. Here is our advice for getting that music right.

Understand the Essentials

How many songs will you require for a wedding ceremony? Seating of the parents and grandparents, the processional, the bride's entrance, and the recessional are significant moments you will need to consider.

Verify with The Venue

If the ceremony is in a house of worship, check with the officiant to see if there are restrictions on what you can use. More conservative venues may only allow religious songs. Some may allow anything as long as it's instrumental, and not recorded. The most liberal may be open to whatever music you choose with the officiant's review and approval first. Discover out what customs you need to regard and work from there.

Consider Your History

There's bound to be a song, singer, or style of music that you both connect with and love. Is there a song you love to sing in the car? A tune one of you has heard that makes you think about the other person? A concert you went to together by a singer or group you love? One of these will assist you in choosing a song or two that are significant.

Browse the Lyrics

You must read the lyrics before deciding to use the music at your ceremony. "Every Breath You Take" pops up at weddings all the time, but Sting himself has maintained that it's about envy, obsession, and a failed relationship. Not the sentiment that you want to start your marriage. Be sure the song is describing the story you want your guests to hear, and have an eye out for any lines that may ruffle feathers.


Your recessional song should be one that's upbeat and happy. After all, you've just said I do. Select a song that will make you want to glide down the aisle. The recessional is an excellent place for a surprise. It could be anything "Oh Happy Day" to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours." Have fun with this one.


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