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Happy Bridesmaid - Happy Bride!

Historically, bridesmaids wore dresses similar to the bride's wedding gown and groomsmen dressed similarly to the groom. This custom began for the couple's protection against evil and not for uniformity. The belief was that if evil spirits attempted to harm the couple, they would be confused as to who was the bride and groom.

Today, rather than warding off evil spirits, bridesmaids have other relevant obligations. You chose your bridesmaids because they are your nearest and dearest friends, and will be there to offer emotional support on one of the biggest days of your life. Duties may also include assisting you in choosing your bridal gown and accessories, hosting a bridal shower or a bachelorette party, putting together your favors, and standing beside you at the altar when you say "I do."

Feeling Beautiful and Confident!

When your bridesmaids are all wearing the same style of dress, they are probably not all feeling beautiful and confident. Remember, these young ladies are there to support and love you on your wedding day and not there to stand beside you to be your own personal Barbie dolls! Your bridesmaids are more than likely different shapes, sizes, and heights, so it is not necessary to have them all wear the same style of dress. If you want to stick to one color, consider allowing each girl to wear the style of dress that best fits their body type and size. Be assured if your bridesmaids feel beautiful and confident in what they are wearing, they will look exceptional standing beside you and in your wedding pictures.

Keep Costs Reasonable

Since these girls are your closest and dearest friends, be understanding about how much they are spending to help you celebrate the happiest day of your life. I know it is easy for you to get wrapped up in how much you are spending that it is easy not to realize the amount of money everyone else is paying. So try hard to keep costs reasonable. The funds that bridesmaids spend doesn't stop after they purchase their dress. There are alterations, shoes, accessories, bridal shower, bachelorette party, travel, lodging, and the wedding gift. All of this can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars per person. Think twice before you ask them to get spray tans, professional hair, and makeup, manicures, pedicures that adds even more money they will have to shell out. Allow them to feel comfortable enough to say no to all the extras. If you decide you want the girls to have their hair and makeup done professionally, then it will be your responsibility to pay for it. Another option is for the girls to be responsible for their hair and makeup. If your friend prefers to do their makeup and hair, that doesn't make her a horrible person who doesn't deserve to be a bridesmaid. Remember the real reason you chose them to be a bridesmaid in the first place and be an understanding bride.

Be a Friend

Even though you are occupied planning for your big day, continue to be a good friend. Make a conscious effort to ask your girls about what's going in their lives. Don't make it all wedding talk. Don't just call, text, email when you need something, or to remind them of a deadline. They have important things going in their lives that they would like to share with you. Your bridesmaids are putting time, effort, and money into your wedding, so be sure to make them feel special too. List them on your wedding website with photos and a little bit about each. Also, be sure to include them in your program at the ceremony. They are your closet friends, so be sure to treat them that way. They will notice!

Say Thank You!

Above all else, be sure to thank them for all their love and support. Give them a gift that is meaningful and includes a personal note. Put some thought into what you think each girl would like. If you decide to give them jewelry to wear at the wedding, consider getting them each a different piece that suits their personality. Remember all the time, money, and support they have given to you. Be sure to spend a little extra on the gift that you get each of them. (7 PRACTICAL GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUR BRIDESMAIDS)

Remember the real reason you chose these particular girls to stand beside you. You want them to be happy that they said yes in the end!


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