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If You Aren't Using a Wedding Planner

Dozens of choices, the flowers, music, vendors, and dozens of more logistical aspects, planning weddings can frighten even the most courageous couple. It's no surprise that so many choose to use a wedding planner to coordinate their wedding day so they can concentrate on the fun. But if you're up for managing it on your own, you can pull it off — as long as you address it with a pro's mindset.

Use a Planner on a Limited Basis

The money and time a planner can save is invaluable. They make recommendations on DIY and budget-saving ideas that many people would not consider or be able to do without a little direction. To save money, you could hire a planner at the beginning to help choose qualified vendors or hire a coordinator for the wedding day.

Hiring Family & Friends

Someone who's emotionally invested in your wedding lacks the unbiased opinion that's needed to accomplish the process smoothly. Most often, hiring family or friends never works out as you want, and you are caught with the emotion of trying to express your dislikes or needs. It's hard enough communicating wishes and needs using a professional for the task, let alone a family or friend.

Undertaking the Basics

Couples need a specific timeline and general ideas about the type of wedding they want. This helps to take the stress out of making quick choices when required. If the couple can prioritize what they desire, they will be capable of making decisions faster and getting the vendors they really want for their wedding. Have one or two backup dates in mind in case your first choice isn't possible.

Be Thorough When Hiring Vendors

The last situation you want is a band whose lead singer cracks indelicate jokes, or a caterer who puts out dry, cold food. Be sure to get references and check them. Taste the food, sample the product, ask questions and get a written contract. Also, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. If a caterer seems less expensive but doesn't include linens, tableware, and glasses like another caterer, you may not be saving any money. You are spending a lot of money on this day, even on a budget.

Predict Difficulties

Things can and do go wrong, and you'll need to plan as thoroughly as you can. One of the most significant responsibilities a planner takes on is day-of logistics. Who will make sure the vendors have arrived and are in the correct area? Who cues the music? Who makes sure the wedding party is lined up correctly? Who loads the gifts and leftover favors and alcohol in the car at the end of the reception? Who pins the boutonnieres on the guys? That is only a few of the many things that cross my plate at every wedding.

Keep It All In Perspective

No wedding, however well planned, is perfect. Yours won't be, either, and that's alright. Most of the time, you will be the only one who knows something went wrong. Your guests will not even notice. The most important thing to remember is at the end of the day you will be married to the love of your life. Enjoy the process of planning and the results of it on your wedding day. It should be a fun time planning and a time to celebrate on your wedding day.


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