About Us!

We are Jane White and Beck Eleazer, the co-owners and wedding planners at It's Your Party, which is located in Abbeville, SC.  We are former teachers and have found that our skills for organization and details used during our teaching careers are also talents that are extremely important in the wedding planning industry, not to mention using our "teacher voices" at times! 

We know your wedding day is important for an assortment of reasons, but we understand family and friends are what make it special. We take pride in our service from the moment we meet until your send-off at the end of the night; we are with you! We consider it an honor to have the opportunity to join you on this extraordinary event. So relax, and let us worry about all the ends and outs of your day!

Small Details About Us!

- Jane grew up in Abbeville, SC, but lived in Due West for many years.  In 2016, Jane moved back to her childhood home in Abbeville, which has been in her family for three generations.  


- Beck grew up in Cameron, SC, near Orangeburg. After attending college in Due West, SC, she remained there and made it her home. Beck's stately home was owned for many years by Erskine College Professor James Bonner and his wife, Mary. 


- Jane received her bachelor's degree at Lander University in Greenwood, SC, and her Masters of Education at the University of Louisiana...Geaux Tigers!


- Beck received her bachelor's degree at Erskine College in Due West, SC, and her Masters of Education at Clemson University...Go Tigers! 


- Jane is a HUGE University of South Carolina fan, and Beck is a HUGE Clemson fan. They set that aside as friends and business partners!

- When Jane remarried in 2002,  she asked Beck to help with her wedding planning. At that time, Beck was working part-time at a venue in Abbeville as an event coordinator. The wedding turned out perfect and was exactly what Jane had envisioned. 

- In 2005, having enjoyed planning Jane's wedding together, they took a wedding planning course together and received their certificates. That was the beginning of their love for the business. Jane and Beck love assisting couples on one of the greatest days of their lives!!

309 Magazine Street

Abbeville, South Carolina  29620

Tel: 864-378-1137

Email: info@itsyourpartysc.com

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