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Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

Even if you’ve selected to go completely kid-free for your wedding reception, there are a few children who might make the cut (for the ceremony, anyway): your ring bearer and flower girl. Whether they’re your nieces and nephews or your best friends’ little one, that adorable factor is difficult to beat.

The great thing about flower girls and ring bearers: unlike witnesses or a certified officiant, they’re not really required to get you formally wed. If you don’t know any cute children, you totally adore or not really a kid person, no worries! But, if you can’t wait to see your godson, your niece, or your nephew in a cute little outfit, by all means, add children to your wedding party.

Enjoy the following pictures If you have decided to have some cute little ones in your wedding.

Find many more flower girl and ring bearer images at It's Your Party's Pinterest page.


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