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Fur Babies in Your Wedding

Many couples include their Fur Babies in their weddings, whether they are only attendees or in more active roles. If you are planning on having your pet at the wedding, you need to find out about the wedding venue's pet policy. Many outdoor wedding venues permit pets, but not all of them. Indoor venues vary from business to business — some may allow your pet but only to certain areas. There is no worse feeling than organizing everything flawlessly and then discovering that the wedding venue has a strict no-pets policy.

Advice for Dogs in Weddings:

  • Don't include your dog on a notion. Even well-trained dogs can forget their manners in an unfamiliar situation.

  • Their temperament will help you determine whether to give them an active part in the ceremony or to have them pose in pictures.

  • Be sure to provide them an outfit that is comfortable and won’t tear apart.

  • If you are using florals, contemplate using edible petals in case your dog tries to eat the pieces.

  • Train him to walk on a leash, calmly, with you or someone else in unfamiliar and crowded places.

  • Your dog should be on a leash at all times, with someone who knows dogs and whose only job is to take care of him.

  • It’s a good idea to take the dog along when looking at the venue. And definitely, bring your dog to the rehearsal!

Advice for Cats Weddings:

  • As far as cats go, you need to be practical. You probably shouldn't plan on your cat walking down the aisle.

  • You may need to have people guarding the doors, especially if they open right onto the great outdoors.

  • You could put them in cat harness or pet stroller.

  • It’s also an excellent idea to have your cat take home before the reception.

  • One approach is to put your cat in wedding photos. You could have the photographer take a picture at your home on the morning of their wedding.

  • You could also use wedding decor to highlight your cat, such as cake toppers, napkins, sweets, wedding invitations, engagement photos, etc.

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