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Tamara & Michael 

"There aren't enough words to say how thankful and how truly blessed I am to have come across these ladies at It's Your Party, Events & Weddings. These ladies handled everything so professionally and assured me that all would be well. These ladies are truly AMAZING!! Very courteous, very organized and very punctual. They have great input and advice on things because they've been in the business for a while and the passion that they have for it shines thru. If there is anybody looking for a great planner for a special event, I recommend It's Your Party, Events & Weddings. You can't go wrong with Jane and Beck."


Samantha & John

" Beck and Jane made the wedding planning process a breeze with their knowledge of vendors, organizing skills, decorating expertise, and ceremony coordination. They worked so hard to plan what I had envisioned, and everything turned out far beyond what I expected. I was able to contact them at any time throughout the entire process, and often did through texts, calls, and meetings. They made the whole planning process so easy, but even more importantly, they made my wedding week and day so stress-free. I didn’t worry about a single thing because I trusted that everything was in their more than capable hands! Aside from being master planners and decorators, Beck and Jane are the best ceremony coordinators I have ever seen. Because both of them are former teachers, they know how to run rehearsals wonderfully. Many of my family and wedding party agreed that the rehearsal was the smoothest they had ever seen. They are wonderful and worth every penny!"

Erin & DK

"These ladies are awesome. They were such a big help planning and coordinating my wedding ceremony and reception. I definitely could not have done it without them!! I recommend them to every bride I know!”

Allison 31.jpg

Allison & James

"Beck and Jane were absolutely the right choices to help me plan my destination wedding. They stayed in contact with me through text messages/e-mails/phone calls about anything that came up. If they suggest a vendor, please take their suggestion. Since I live out of state, I didn't know anyone locally for flowers, catering, or DJ. Everyone that they suggested was absolutely fantastic! If you are planning a wedding or a special event in South Carolina, you CAN'T go wrong with the ladies from It's Your Party! Two thumbs up!!"

Sarah & Erich

“Jane and Beck were amazing at keeping me calm from days before my big day through by big day. They were both incredible in helping me get the right vendors arranged and making sure everything went smoothly. They are wonderful, cheerful ladies and we enjoyed having them as our wedding planners. Many laughs, a few tears, and lots of joy was shared.”

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Tara 1_edited.jpg

Tara & Ben 

"I don't know what I would have done without Beck and Jane! They handled everything and made sure this wedding was exactly like my daughter wanted. They took all of the pressure of planning off of me, called caterers, venue people, florist, etc. and met them with me. They knew all of the right questions to ask. I was able to enjoy the day of the wedding, knowing all the details were in their capable hands. I can honestly say they are the best, most professional and easiest to work with.”

Ashley & Brandon

"Beck and Jane were fantastic to work with! I lived 3 hours away from where our wedding was going to be but Beck and Jane did such a good job of staying on top of everything and communicating with me about the plans. They both went above and beyond to ensure that our wedding day was exactly what we wanted it to be. Not only are they great at planning and coordinating, but they are awesome decorators!! They set up our entire reception and I couldn't have done it better myself... it was perfect! On top of being wonderful and sweet people, they are very professional, knowledgeable about weddings and party planning, and very affordable. I would highly recommend their services!"


Katie & Chris

"Jane was awesome! It was difficult to pull everything together planning a wedding from 2.5 hours away, she helped keep everything organized. We had our wedding at a home we rented, where we were staying with both our families for a long weekend- it was hectic to say the least! Jane kept me calm, and made sure everything was getting done even when I needed to take a moment away to keep my sanity! Communication before our event was great, we sent photos back and forth for ideas, and she came up with things I would have never thought of! When I sneaked a peek at everything from the deck before guests arrived was one of the best moments of the weekend- it turned out exactly how I pictured it! You can tell she loves weddings and working with her couples!”

Brooke & Thomas

"Beck and Jane were absolute dolls to work with!! They coordinated our wedding reception and there is simply no way our reception would have been anything close to what it was without them! I felt like they got in to my head and saw our vision for the reception because everything was exactly as we envisioned! They were super flexible, professional, and eager to make our day exactly what we wanted!”


Meredith & Adam

Thanks to these ladies for all they did! Many thanks for all the work and adjustment you made on the wedding day. Being an intermediary between my 28 year old daughter and myself saved my intrusion and hopefully our relationship. I also was grateful someone near the wedding venues who knew the area resources could guide us to the services we needed to locate. The last day was hard for me because of lack of communication (not Jane's or Beck's) about minute issues. Jane and Beck were gracious tried to fix. The church was beautiful, the bouquet's exquisite and the reception site could have been grander on the mantel, tables and walls. 
Thanks for the hard work you did. I will recommend you to others in the area. I feel you all definitely earned your fee!

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